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Chronic Store is home to many different strains of shatter, whether they’re from one of our many cannabis partners or from our own house brand. No matter if a customer is looking for a sativa, indica, or a hybrid, whether they want something sweet, spicy, or skunky, Chronic Store is sure to have a potent solution. When it comes to the color of shatter there are merits to both dark and clear shatter concentrate, which is why we would like to use this space to highlight a few strains of both.

         Park Place Pineapple

         This dark shatter concentrate is an extract from the ever-popular Pineapple Express strain, taking on its potency and flavors from its parent strains Trainwreck and Hawaiian. Combining fresh, fruity flavors like apple, mango, and pineapple with notes of pine and cedar, users will experience a taste that is both sweet yet still tingles on the tongue. As a hard-hitting sativa, this dark shatter concentrate provides users with an energetic buzz that will carry them through the day, keeping a productive morning going into a productive afternoon.

         Chunky Diesel

         As a hybrid, this dark shatter concentrate provides users with a pleasant motivation while still letting them keep a clear head. As a flower it has a massive trichome production, leading to full, rich flavors even in shatter form. With an interesting flavor combination of skunk, diesel, and chocolate covered espresso beans, this dark shatter concentrate is great for users who prefer sativa-dominant hybrid strains.

         Bruce Banner

         In contrast to the dark shatters before, Bruce Banner is almost completely transparent. This clear shatter concentrate is an incredibly powerful strain with effects that come on fast but eventually settle into a euphoric, creative buzz. Its effects linger mostly in the head, though can provide some body relaxation, but not enough that this clear shatter concentrate can’t be used as a daytime strain. Bruce Banner combines aromas of diesel and sweet citrus into a potent hybrid.


         Also known as Afgoo, this other clear shatter concentrate is a potent indica. While having some uplifting and creative qualities, it also has intense relaxing and sleepy effects, making it great for evening use. As for flavor, this clear shatter concentrate is a mix of pine, earth, and spice, making for a crisp, tingling oral sensation. Afgooey is believed to have descended from an Afghani indica and the strain Maui Haze, which is where this strain gets its potent flavors and effects.

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