Cannabis Live Resin from West Coast THC at Chronic Store
At Chronic Store we have more than just our in-house products for sale. A number of different cannabis companies sell their products on our shelves, but the one we want to talk about today is West Coast Express. West Coast THC is sold as both cannabis shatter and cannabis live resin, both coming in a variety of strains. Today, however, we want to focus specifically on West Coast’s THC supply of cannabis live resin, highlighting a few of the strains they have available for sale.
Pineapple Express
There are few marijuana enthusiasts who don’t know about the strain Pineapple Express, whether you’ve heard it in a song, or you’ve seen the very popular James Franco and Seth Rogan movie. This cannabis live resin is a hybrid cross between Trainwreck and Hawaiian. This live resin cannabis has a THC concentration of 70-80%, and a flavor that matches its name with its notes of tropical fruits and pine. Like any good hybrid, this cannabis live resin is a good mix of relaxing and energizing, making it great for activities like playing video games, socializing, and creating art.
Space Queen
This cannabis live resin is a hybrid cross between Romulan and Cinderella 99. Most known for its sweet taste of apples, cherries, and vanilla, this live resin cannabis has a THC concentration of 70-80%. Sought after for its high resin production, Space Queen is a cannabis live resin that provides the user with an intense, trippy, and speedy buzz.
The Goat
Another hybrid strain on our list of West Coast THC, The Goat is a cross between Animal Pie and ACDC, with a THC concentration of 70-80%. This cannabis live resin bursts with a fragrant cherry aroma, carrying flavors that are both fruity and earthy. This live resin cannabis leaves its users feeling relaxed but also happy and uplifted.
Blue Dream
Carrying the sweet berry aroma of is parent strain Blueberry, this cannabis live resin also holds a THC concentration of 70-80%. Blue dream is a live resin cannabis that is known for its swift symptom relief, making it popular among medicinal users. This cannabis live resin is great for treating pain, depression, nausea, and other symptoms that require a more potent THC strain.