Chronic Store is home of Canada’s best quality Sativa, Indica and Hybrid Cannabis. Our AAA and AAAA strains are the highest quality Craft Cannabis is created using the highest standards and quality assurance. From the team at Chronic store to our Cannabis Farmers go above and beyond to ensure the best experience and quality product is delivered. Additionally we carry a wide selection of THC products as well as CBD and the best part is you can order them in bulk as variety packs to try a wide selection and try many popular strains. If you are someone who prefers alternatives to smoking, many of our products such as THC and CBD come in capsules, edibles, and tinctures. The chances are that you have heard of Chronic Store’s Concentrates selection and reputation. The selection consists of Shatter, live resin, distillates, diamonds, hash and more. All created with the strictest protocols ensuring quality and potency. If your preferred method of ingesting is through Cannabis-infused edibles, you are in the right place, The Chronic Store’s selection ranges from candies to Chocolates and more and even better come evenly dosed to ensure you are getting the dosage you want every time. You can also smoke vape pens whether they are rechargeable or disposable, THC or CBD.