What is hash?

What is hash

What is hash?

We have all heard of Hash or Hashish, and maybe have tried hash but what is it really?

What is Hash?

Hash aka Hashish is a form of processed cannabis that translates to “dry herb hey” in Arabic. It is a popular cannabis consumable processed by compressing specific parts of the Cannabis flower, typically female buds high in trichomes content. Hash is a historical cannabis flower alternative made popular in the Arabic regions decades ago. Common hash strains like Mercedes Hash, Afghan hash and Superman hash have created a reputation for potent quality.

Hash can purchased buy hash online and be consumed by smoking in bongs, vaporizers, joints and pipes. Although in Canada and the US, traditional cannabis is consumed by smoking, hash is still a highly popular method due to the increased potency. Many consider hash to be a psychoactive compound due to the heightened potency and effect.

Hashish typically appears as a brown or dark green color, in higher volume it is processed into bricks, in smaller quantities such as grams it is processed into a ball. There is also Rosin Hash, a newly popular variation of hash using a extraction method that is pressed into a translucent sheet which can be used as “dabs” or in smoked using vapes. Hash is known to have intense effects due to the extraction process which removed only the resin paste concentrate.

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