Learn how to smoke hash

Learn how to smoke hash

Learn how to smoke hash

Looking to smoke hash but are unsure how? See our instructional guide below from experienced hash smokers

How to smoke hash

Hash can be smoked in multiple ways, first we will need to choose your preferred method, there are several options. Traditional smoking consisting of of joints, blunts, spiffs. The second most popular methods would be Bowls and bongs and for the experienced hash smoker the preferred choice would be vapes and rigs – also known as dabbing last but not least is hot knifing.

Simple methods of smoking hash:

The methods mentioned above range in complexity, for beginners traditional smoking is relatively simple, it is common for users to add the hash to a cannabis joint for additional potency, although if you are wanting to smoke hash by itself, using a bowl or a bong would be the most simple option.

Intermediate and advanced methods of smoking hash:

For the true experience of smoking hash, many people first thought would be hot knifing, although this method has been around for a long time, it is difficult and requires more tools such as a knife and a heat source such as a blow torch or stove, additionally this method comes with a risk of injuring or burning yourself. We recommend being careful when ingesting this method.

Our recommendation on how do you smoke hash:

if you are looking for a traditional experience and don’t mind a bit of work, hot knife is a great experience when done safely and properly. If your objective is just to get high then adding some hash to a joint is very effective and simple or simply add hash to a pipe or bowl.

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