Twisted Extracts’ Jelly Bombs At Chronic Store

At Chronic Store, we do our best to fill our shelves with new and exciting cannabis products. We accomplish this, in part, by partnering with other marijuana brands who are constantly innovating and trying new things. One of these brands is Twisted Extracts, which specializes in cannabis edibles, and has created strain-specific gummies to buy from mail order sites such as Chronic Store.

Twisted Extracts’ Halley’s Comet Edibles

Customers who often indulge in cannabis edibles will know that most are made with a non-specific marijuana strain. When purchasing edibles, users are typically only told whether they are buying a sativa, indica, or hybrid strain. Twisted Extracts has decided to change that, however, with their Halley’s Comet Jelly Bombs. By creating an edible with a specific strain of weed, customers are then able to find out exactly what kind of effects they can expect.

Twisted Extracts’ Halley’s Comet Jelly Bombs are made with a sativa-dominant strain, made up of 60% sativa and 40% indica. It is also one of the rare medicinal strains that has nearly equal levels of THC and CBD. This makes Halley’s Comet the perfect strain for Twisted Extracts’ 1:1 ratio THC and CBD Jelly Bombs. By combining a THC distillate with CBD isolate, Twisted Extracts has been able to create an edible that has a lifted, euphoric high while still being physically relaxing. Despite being crafted from a traditionally skunky strain, Twisted Extracts’ Halley’s Comet Jelly Bombs taste only like the fruity flavors they’ve been infused with, giving customers a choice between grape and watermelon.

Twisted Extracts’ Jelly Bombs

Whether you’re looking for a strain specific gummy, or just one of Twisted Extracts’ many edibles, then you’re likely to come across their Jelly Bombs. Available in THC, CBD, and a mixture of both, these square jellies are sure to fill your cannabis craving. Each gummy is dosed at 80mg, whether that be THC, CBD, or an even split of 40mg of both. Twisted Extracts’ Jelly Bombs are lined to make cutting out 10mg sections easy, though customers are encouraged to find the dosage amount that is right for them. Available in flavors such as Twisted Extracts’ Black Cherry, Pineapple, and Orange, we recommend pairing these fruit flavored snacks with some real food as well. In order to receive the best results, customers should give all Twisted Extracts’ edibles two hours for effects to fully set in before attempting to increase their dosage.