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Online Dispensary Canada – Important Things to Consider


Storing your weed doesn’t have to be a huge challenge. Knowing how to store your weed is critical if you want to be able to enjoy it long-term and don’t want to have your favorite bud go bad in storage. Once your cannabis has come home with you, knowing how to store weed can make the difference between a potent and enjoyable product and skunk weed that isn’t any good. If you’re wondering how long weed stays good, we’ve got you covered.

We’ll talk about a wide variety of storage options and how each method helps protect your cannabis. We’ll also talk about the differences between well-stored weed and weed that’s degraded in storage.

How To Store Your Weed and Keep it Fresh

If you know how to store weed it’s relatively simple to keep it fresh and prevent age from degrading the buds too much over time. Knowing how long weed stays good is important for judging your weed in storage, but knowing how to keep weed fresh longer can help save time and money.

Not only will we talk about how to store weed, but we’ll also talk about how to best store weed and short and long-term options that will ensure your bud stays as high-quality as possible.

How to Tell Well-Stored Weed From Bad

A good bud should still have some of its natural colors and many varieties will have several colors that match the plant they were harvested from. Well-stored buds also stay mostly intact without getting crumbly.

On the other hand, weed that hasn’t been stored well will slowly turn brownish and will become dry to the touch and crumbly.

Don’t worry if your weed loses a little color over time. Well-preserved weed still fades from what it looks like when it’s fresh, and dried weed does have a shelf-life even when it’s well cared for. The combination of color, texture, and scent can help you tell if your weed is still in good condition.

You should also keep an eye out for small brown spots in your weed, even when the color and texture are mostly good. Small brown sections are a possible sign of mold.

How Long Can You Store Weed?

Most methods for storing weed are good for about 6 months to a year, though some can preserve it longer. Unfortunately, bad storage can reduce your weed’s shelf life to as little as 3 months. For the upper limit on how long can weed last, we don’t entirely know. Some preservation methods can make weed last much longer than others.

We’ll cover everything you need for how to make weed last longer.

Proper Curing

Proper curing for your weed is required before you learn how to store your weed. If you buy your weed from a dispensary you most likely don’t need to worry about this step, but it’s an important part of the process for folks who grow their weed. If you’re still wondering how to preserve weed for yourself, we’ve got you covered.

The main requirement to cure weed properly is having a drying room where you can hang your cannabis plants and maintain the right temperature and humidity. The ideal curing temperature and humidity is 60-70 degrees F and 55-65%, respectively. A ceiling fan, AC unit, drying rack, and standing fan are optional, but they can help make the process faster.

On average drying and curing, fresh weed takes 3-7 days, but it can take longer in some cases. No matter how long it takes, it’s not a good idea to try and rush the process or to store your weed before it’s been properly cured.

Curing is one of the most important parts of getting smokable weed products. Proper curing protects the terpenes and cannabinoids that give different strains their unique flavor and effects, while also protecting your finished product from mold and degradation.

If you’re wondering how to keep weed moist, a combination of proper curing and proper storage should do it without any assistance.

Now that you know how to properly cure your weed, let’s talk about how to store weed and protect it.

Keep It Out of Direct Sunlight

No matter what container you store your weed in it’s important to keep it out of direct sunlight. Direct sunlight can degrade your weed quickly from UV damage. Sunlight can also damage terpenes and some of the cannabinoids in your weed since those chemicals are fairly volatile and delicate.

Even containers that help protect your weed from sunlight may not be enough to fully protect it. It’s better to store your weed somewhere away from sunlight and to limit exposure to indirect sunlight if you can’t keep your weed in the dark.

UV-Proof Glass Stash Containers

UV-Proof glass stash containers are another good option while you’re learning how to keep weed fresh. These containers help reduce the damage accidental sunlight exposure can do to your weed. The containers are usually also airtight, another important quality in storage containers.

UV-proof containers are also often smell-proof, which is great if you don’t want the scent of weed to spread through your home or storage area.

However, one downside of this storage option is that UV-proof containers are almost always fairly small. They are best for personal stashes and keeping a small amount of cannabis on hand, not for trying to store a large amount at once. It may take some time to judge how long weed is good for with this method, but with experience, you’ll be able to predict it.

Use Stash Boxes/Wood Containers

Wooden stash boxes are a great high-end option that helps protect your weed while looking classy. They’re also a good way to store several strains of weed at once, especially if you have smaller containers to help prevent the scents and flavors from mixing.

It’s important to avoid cedar boxes, which are often used for cigar humidors since cedar can impact the flavor and smoothness of the smoke and not in a good way. A stash box is one of the best ways to store weed.

Many wooden stash boxes also include a rolling tray and other tools that make them a great smoking companion as well as a storage solution. However, when you’re learning how to store weed in a stash box it’s important to look into which kinds of woodwork best. We recommend bamboo, cherry, and walnut. Try to avoid overly scented woods and woods that produce a lot of their own terpenes.

Glass Mason Jars in Cool, Dark Place

Glass mason jars are where a lot of people start when they are learning how to store weed and how to keep weed fresh. Surprisingly, glass mason jars are also one of the best ways to store weed if you get air-tight lids. Some mason jars also come in colored glass, which help protect against UV and other kinds of light damage. If you’re looking for how to store marijuana, this is one of the best options.

One thing you need to remember with mason jars is that you should always keep the jar at least ¾ full to minimize the amount of air in the mason jar. That means that you may want to invest in mason jars of several sizes so that you can transfer your weed into a smaller container as you use it up.

It’s also important to keep mason-jar stored weed in a cool dark area. Closets, storage rooms, even inside a shoebox are better than keeping your weed in the open. The ideal temperature is around 60 degrees F, but a few degrees warmer or cooler is also acceptable. In addition to keeping the storage area dark, try to avoid big temperature swings as much as possible. Temperature swings can actually degrade weed faster than being stored too warm since temperature swings don’t let the cannabinoids and terpenes get used to the temperature.

Freeze Your Buds (Best for Long-Term Storage)

If you want to learn how to store weed for a long time before smoking it, freezing your weed is one of the best options. Freezing your weed is an important part of how to keep weed fresh over time, but some people don’t recommend it.

The main reason some people recommend against freezing your weed is that frozen trichomes break off more easily. Since a lot of the THC is concentrated in the trichomes, losing them can impact the quality and effectiveness of your smoke.

However, freezing is one of the best ways to protect your buds against degradation and mold, and other fungi. So, it’s a tradeoff between protecting the trichomes and keeping your buds as protected as possible. Allowing your buds to thaw slowly when you’re getting ready to use them can also help preserve the trichomes on the buds. You can also often collect the trichomes from the bottom of your storage container if you use a static-free storage container.

Never Refrigerate Your Buds

Refrigerating your weed is pretty much never a good idea, even if you store it in an airtight container. Temperature and humidity swings are both very common inside of a refrigerator. That’s bad news for your weed if you’re storing it in the fridge. Worse, refrigerators can concentrate humidity and make the mold and fungal infestations much more common.

While refrigerators might seem like a common-sense option since they are temperature-controlled, cold, and usually dark, they don’t keep weed fresh.

Never Use Plastic Baggies

People who know how to keep weed fresh will warn you away from plastic baggies almost immediately, and with good reason. Plastic baggies can be a decent way to keep air away from your weed, but they aren’t good for almost anything else when it comes to keeping weed fresh and learning how to store weed effectively. Plastic baggies should never be on your list of ways to store marijuana.

There are a few problems with plastic baggies that are worth mentioning. For one thing, plastic baggies offer almost no protection from UV radiation and light. Even without UV, all forms of light can degrade cannabinoids and lower the quality of your weed.

Another reason is that plastic scent and taste can make their way into your bud, changing the flavor and making it much harder to enjoy.

Plastic can also trap humidity in with your weed, which is more of a problem if it hasn’t been dried and cured properly. The added humidity can encourage mold since the air can’t circulate or remove moisture in plastic.

But the most important reason you shouldn’t store weed in a plastic bag is that the bag carries a charge. Plastic is generally negatively charged, and that electrical charge will pull the trichomes off your buds. Unlike other containers where you can collect the trichomes from the container later, the charge will make it difficult to get the trichomes out of the bag.

Use Vacuum Sealing

Vacuum sealing can be a fantastic way to store your weed, especially if you can vacuum seal it in a non-plastic container or at least in a BPA-free plastic container. Vacuum sealing helps to remove excess air and maintains the buds at their current moisture. Vacuum sealing is a fantastic way to preserve your weed as close to how you got it as possible, and can also be combined with freezing to get even better results.

The only real downside of vacuum sealing is that it can sometimes crush your buds, especially if they are already somewhat overdried and delicate.

If you’re wondering how long does weed last before it goes bad, vacuum sealing is one of the best ways to preserve it longer. It’s all about how well you take care of your weed, but most storage methods will preserve your weed for 6 months to a year. Vacuum sealing is one of the best ways to store weed long-term.

Use Medicine Bottles

Medicine bottles are another good option for storing your weed since they tend to be somewhat temperature resistant and good at blocking out the light. Both are great for storing weed, but medicine bottles that have rubber around the lid to help block airflow usually work better than medicine bottles without the rubber.

Medicine bottles are also a good option for storing smaller amounts of weed or strains you don’t have enough of to store in a mason jar or other larger container.

Use Titanium Containers

Titanium containers are another great option because they are durable, come in a range of sizes, don’t have a lot of scent or flavor, and don’t typically have a charge. Titanium weed storage is a fantastic option if you want to make sure you have a storage container that won’t break if you accidentally bump it or drop it.

Use Boveda Packs

Boveda Packs are a fantastic choice if you live somewhere that makes humidity control difficult since they work to maintain optimum humidity even when your surroundings are too wet or too dry. Be sure to get one designed specifically for weed though since they offer products for cigars, tobacco that might not be quite the right humidity for your buds.

Utilize Cannabis Humidors

Like cigar humidors, cannabis humidors are designed to help maintain optimal humidity for storing cannabis and also provide some temperature insulation to prevent your weed from degrading over time. Humidors are usually slightly nicer versions of wooden stash boxes, but like stash boxes, it’s important to avoid cedar.

Utilize CVault

CVaults are another fantastic and slightly more durable option for long-term weed storage. Unlike some other storage solutions CVaults work for buds as well as tobacco and other herb storage, just make sure you’re cleaning the CVault between uses to avoid mixing flavors and substances. CVaults are one of the best ways to store weed, especially if you can’t have dedicated weed-only storage.

Use Parchment to Prevent Damage

If you have to store your weed in a less than ideal container, like a plastic bag or Tupperware, wrapping in parchment can help minimize the damage from the container. Parchment paper can also help catch trichomes to mix back in to ground weed, and can provide ready-made prep space for grinding and rolling.

Wrap it in Foil in the Short Term

If you don’t have a good storage option right away, aluminum foil is a good short-term option to help keep your weed fresh and prevent it from aging. While aluminum foil won’t keep your weed in good condition for long, it can help provide some light, temperature, and humidity protection for your buds.

Maintain Cool Temperatures (talk about the best temperature)

Since a lot of the beneficial and tasty compounds in your weed are volatile and temperature reactive it’s important to maintain consistent temperatures. Keeping things cool, usually, between 60-65 degrees F, can help prevent those compounds from reacting with each other and the air. Maintaining cool temperatures is one of the best ways to preserve the flavor and full cannabinoid profiles of each strain.

Avoid a lot of heat exposure

Heat exposure, even short-term heat exposure, greatly reduces the life of your weed. Heat increases reactivity and can speed up the breakdown of some of the beneficial and enjoyable compounds in your buds.

Avoid Adding Any Other Organic Matter in the Storage Jar

Organic materials can share compounds with your cannabis, changing the flavor significantly and potentially leading to unexpected reactions. If you store organics in with your weed you will likely end up flavoring it slightly with whatever you’ve added. Sometimes that isn’t bad, but most of the time it leads to lowered potency and a less enjoyable flavor.

Other organics might also have too much moisture or be carrying fungal spores and other harmful substances that can get into your weed.

Ensure Clean Storage

Since a lot of contaminants can be harmful to your weed, even if you store weed properly, it’s important to make sure your storage is as clean as possible before putting weed in it. Cleaning and drying your storage between uses, and especially between storing different strains, is critical for maintaining your weed’s unique quality and taste.

Do & Don’ts:

  • Do Store In A Dark Cool Place: Even if your storage container is dark and protective you’ll have better results if you store somewhere dark and cool so that it has less to protect your weed from.
  • Don’t Take Your Weed Out Very Often: If you’re storing weed for a long time it can be tempting to check it often to make sure it’s still okay. While that’s important for the first week or so to make sure your storage solution isn’t damaging your buds, it’s not a good idea long term. Disturbing your weed too often can lead to more exposure to light and other degrading factors. Plus, picking up your container and moving it around can break off trichomes and crush the buds.
  • Do Store In Hard-Sided Containers: most of the time it’s best to store your buds in hard-sided containers instead of soft-sided to help protect the buds from being crushed
  • Don’t Store Weed In Plastic: as much as possible, avoid storing marijuana in plastic. It’s not very protective, carries a negative charge, and can flavor your weed. If you do need to store in plastic, clean it carefully and try to choose a BPA free version


Learning how to store weed and how to keep weed fresh isn’t necessarily difficult, but it does take a little bit of care and attention from you. The results are almost always worth the effort, especially if you’re storing potent weed or buds from a strain you particularly enjoy.

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