Chronic Store’s Best Pre-roll Brands

At Chronic Store, we take great pride in the many cannabis brands that have chosen to partner with us and stock our shelves with their creative and innovative new products. Whether customers are looking for the best pre-roll brands, the best shatter brands, or even the best brand for THC gummies, they need only scroll through our extensive listing of premium cannabis companies. No matter what kind of cannabis flower or concentrate you’re looking for, you’re sure to find it at Chronic Store.

         Best Pre-Roll Brands

         When it comes to our pre-rolled joints, most of our stock comes from Chronic Store’s own house brand. Whether you’re looking for a joint of premium, AAAA weed or simply a cheap but effective portable smoke, Chronic Store has got you covered. As one of the best pre-roll brands we offer customers a variety of strains. From spicy, earthy strains like Nanitro and 33rd Degree, to berry flavors like Tina’s Cream and Mandarin Sorbet, and even sweet, flowery strains like Pink. We understand that not everyone wants to make their order one joint at a time, so we also give customers the option to order up to five or even ten pre-rolls at a time.

         Best Shatter Brands

         At Chronic Store, we house a large number of cannabis shatter brands, each with their own unique strains and styles of extraction. With so many of the best shatter brands in one place, customers can easily find the kind of extracts that are just right for them. Perhaps you prefer shatter that is extracted using BHO, or maybe you like the CO2 extraction method better. Some customers have a preference for darker shatters, while others like their shatter best when it is light and clear. Be it sativa, indica, or hybrid, Chronic Store is sure to have a shatter brand that will fill your cannabis craving.

         Best THC Gummy Brands

         At Chronic Store we have an abundance of cannabis edibles available, from chocolates to cookies and even teas. However, the one edible that reigns supreme on our shelves is the THC gummy. Not only are they easy to ship, but THC gummies are the most portable edible and make figuring out your perfect dosage incredibly easy. Some of the best brands of THC gummies can be found at Chronic Store, such as Mota, Twisted Extracts, and Express Lane Edibles. Whether you like your cannabis candies sweet or sour, our THC gummy brands are sure to have the perfect fit for your pallet.